Other Recognitions and Awards

The Ghost of Morgan Gulch by Vickie L. Gardner – Article written for @ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge

I was recently invited by @ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge to write an article telling the tale about how The Ghost of Morgan Gulch came to be. It was not only a delight to be invited to write the article, but was a delight to tell the tale. I hope you enjoy the article. It was such a pleasure to write it for you. Click on the link and enjoy! The Ghost of Morgan Gulch by Vickie L. Gardner (readersmagnet.club))

A Hunter’s Dream – Second Place Winner in the Sportsman’s News Writing Contest (January 2015)

My son, Chris, has a love for the mountains, camping, and hunting. After his successful bow elk hunt in the fall of 2014, and after reading about the contest in the Sportman’s News, I decided to write about my son’s hunt. Sadly, I didn’t win the grand prize of a phenomenal fishing trip to Canada (I love to fish!), but I had the distinct pleasure of spending time with my son hearing more about his successful and grand adventure, as well as was honored with second prize for which I received a fantastic knife set that my son often uses when he goes hunting or camping.

A Hunter's Dream January 2015
A Hunter's Dream Frame

To read the article, click on the link below, or copy this url into your browser. http://sportsmansnews.com/2015/01/writers-contest-a-hunters-dream/


Love on the Wild Frontier – Honorable Mention in the Writers’ Journal (January/February 2011) 

I am a sucker for writing about romance, and love entering contests. One of my first short story pieces ‘Love on the Wild Frontier’ brought my love for the old west together with the new romance of a young woman and a handsome town sheriff. The story won Honorable Mention by the Writers’ Journal. I continue to refine my writing and enter contests as often as I can.

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