What’s on my mind today?


23 August 2022

Wow! A lot has happened over the past few months since I last posted comments. We’ve been busy!

The second and third book in The Adventures of Darby series are printed! Darby Meets Tall Town was published in July 2022. I’m excited to say they are now available in all formats – hard copy, soft cover, and eBook. Follow these links to purchase your copy!

Amazon.com or Barnes and Noble

Darby’s Polka Dots and Pretties is close on the heels of Tall Town! Soon to be released in hard copy and soft cover. I’ll be posting the links soon!!

8 March 2022

We are going to the Tucson Festival of Books 2022 – we really are. The festival was cancelled in 2020 due to COVID-19, and the festival was 100% virtual in 2021. It is so nice to have it back again LIVE! I’ll be at the Indie Author Pavilion in the Children’s Books area showcasing, selling, and signing my middle-grade book, The Ghost of Morgan Gulch, and my newly released early reader, Darby and the Dollberry Dare. If you’re in the area on Saturday, March 12th in the morning, swing on by. I would love to see you!


20 November 2021

Guess what!?! Darby and the Dollberry Dare is finally out available online! I am so excited about getting this book into the hands of those sweet little early readers! Darby is anxious to have you join him on his first fun adventures in Dollberry Hollow.

Get your copies at Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. Hardcopy and softcopy available with ebooks coming soon.

Watch for us at the Tucson Festival of Books March 12 at 10:00 to 12:00 where Darby and I will have a booth, promoting the book! Can’t wait to see you all there! 🌹

13 June 2021

I’ve been working on getting Tall Town off and running while waiting for my Dollberry Dare Page design to come back from the publishers. It’s the first time I’ve had two books in the publications process at a time. Quite happy about it. 😆

I have felt a little stunted this week, however, trying to get illustration descriptions written for the scenes in Tall Town. It’s the scenario of knowing exactly what you want on paper, but can’t project it through your fingers to write it. It’s like illustration-block. Just as bad as writer’s block. Sigh.

4 June 2021

On 1 June 2021, Darby Meets Tall Town was accepted by Page Publishing. We’re now reviewing the contract and assessing illustration count.

This story is the second in the now identified as The Adventures of Darby. Hopefully, right on its heels is Darby’s Polka Dots and Pretties. This story has been completed, but in my normal OCD way, I will be going back and reviewing it until I like it even more.

Darby has become a fast friend of mine. The wee little m’ite is kind, friendly, wants to help people, and is always thinking positively.

I need to write more stories for Darby…

31 May 2021

It is finally happening. After months (actually years) of development and brain power, along with editing and brilliant illustration power, Darby and the Dollberry Dare is finally on path to be released this summer.

We just finished the cover art, adding the series title, and wrapping up that last (is there ever a last) edit of content, we finally finalized the story and artwork.

Mid-stream, I decided to add to the plate of writing two additional stories that will follow Dollberry Dare. Darby Meets Tall Town and Darby’s Polka Dots and Pretties, are soon to be out there. I have submitted Tall Town to Page Publishing, and am awaiting the final word on acceptance. I’ll continue to work on Polka Dots and Pretties, in hopes to get that into Page within the next few weeks.

The m’ites have been a fun to create, and they have fast become my wee friends. I hope to create more adventures for sweet little Darby. He is destined to be a great adventurer.

15 February 2021

Today is my younger sister’s birthday. Michelle is 57 today. Happy Birthday, Michelle!

The article I wrote telling the story about “The Ghost of Morgan Gulch” was posted today on @ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge site. I appreciate Elizabeth @BethsWritings reaching out and offering me the opportunity to write and submit the article. For those who might read the happenings on my website, here is the link to the article.


It’s nice to get out in front of more readers and authors. I learn more and more every day on how to increase the odds of people wanting to add it their library. I have posted the link on several social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and now here on my site, in hopes it starts drawing some attention.

I hope for good and better things for my Darby Adventures. Do all authors see their books as being adorable and everyone will want to read it? Of course, I hope all authors love their characters and their tales like I do. I am looking forward to creating quite the adventurous world for Darby and his friends.

13 February 2021

I have the honor of being asked to write an article about “The Ghost of Morgan Gulch” for the ReadersMagnet Authors’ Lounge. It’s fun to be approached by a group or organization to share your story which also aids in the promotion of one’s story. The article will be featured next week and from what I have been told, it should be seen by quite a large number of folks.

The virtual Tucson Festival of Books is on the horizon. A mere three weeks away and we’ll be off and running with the Festival. I can’t wait to see what comes of it. My book, biography, and links are all shared via the Indie Author listing. It’s not quite the same as being able to sit in one of the booths at the Festival and personally greet the readers and sign a book for them, but I’ll take it. Baby steps, they say. Baby steps. One day, that will happen and I will feel grateful to be able to be there. I am grateful to be a part of this year’s Festival, even being virtual.

4 February 2021

We are getting closer and closer to the page design phase on my early reader story Darby and the Dollberry Dare. It’s exciting when the blending of words and pictures come together to create a story that will make children smile and have a giggle here and there. I am looking forward to this new tale to soon be out for the young people in the world to read and enjoy (we hope, at least).

Darby is becoming one of my favorite characters with his sense of adventure, his desire to help all of m’ite-kind. I’m looking forward to see what adventures Darby has up his sleeve to share with the wee folk.


30 January 2021

I am looking forward to the upcoming virtual Tucson Festival of Books 2021. The Festival will be held March 6 & 7 — all online. There will be 145 featured authors and presenters, and many other authors showcasing their works of art.

No, it won’t be the same as being behind the table at the booth, watching so many interested readers looking for their next fun read and meeting them so many of them in person. I’ll be showcasing The Ghost of Morgan Gulch once again. I had hoped to have my next book, Darby and the Dollberry Dare, an early reader book, out and ready for public viewing by the time the festival came around, but we are just shy of getting it out on the street.

30 July 2020

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve written. There has been a lot of things to divert my attention to my writing tasks. “Darby and the Dollberry” was accepted by Page Publishing on 5 June, only five days after I submitted to the panel for review. Darby has been in the works for quite a long time, the first inkling of writing a story about Dollberry Hollow – or Holler as they say in Alabama – was when my husband lived there. Friends of his from church lived in an area they called Dollberry Holler.

The storyline was not going to be akin to fantasy, but a story telling akin to a story of bank robbers who hid away in a cave in the Holler.

Darby is what came of my brainstorming. I rather like the outcome.

I have written up the descriptions of the illustrations, which will be done by Page Publishing illustrators who do a wonderful job of developing the characters from the words I use to describe them. It’s amazing.

I have already received my first round of edits. There weren’t very many and it should only take another round or two to wrap them up and move on to illustrations.

I am pleased.

3 June 2020

So, I have stepped out on my ledge of writing and have submitted “Darby and the Dollberry Dare” to Page Publishing for publication. It’s an early reader book that takes the little folks on a fictional adventure in Dollberry Hollow where the m’ites are wee ones, the sh’rooms are as big as a table, and Darby is dared to pluck a hair from the head of the ogre who lives in the Cave of the Haunted.

I started writing this story several years ago for a contest or maybe just because I had an idea come to the writer mind in me, and though I have only submitted it to contests in the past, I realized that there was no reason not to have it turned into a book – with adorable illustrations, mind you – and let 6-8 year old go on the adventure with Darby.

Hope to hear soon – I’m excited!

I did submit Love on the Wild Frontier to Writer’s Magazine for their short story contest which ended yesterday. I really like this version of the story that I have revised for this contest. This is the story that won honorable mention in 2010; I would love to have this story finally published in a magazine and have it’s place in the readers’ homes.

Take care all!

31 May 2020

There has been a lot going on over the past month and a half or so since I last wrote. Lots of drama, lots of change, lots of things I don’t like. However, we keep moving on and keep our chins up looking toward the light of good things to come. The things to come may not be the same as things that have been, but let’s hope we can look to them as opportunities to be better people, do better things, and continue to help one another as so many have been doing since COVID started.

I have news, however, on the writing front. I set a goal to get a new story into the publisher. Today, 31 May 2020, I met my goal of submitting Darby and the Dollberry Dare to Page Publishing for publication.

This story has been one that I have submitted to contests on multiple occasions including recently submitting to The Writer’s Digest along with The Dragon Whisperer. Only after I submitted both, I thought about submitting them as short stories to a publisher. I sat and reread Dollberry, and I was unfortunately disappointed in myself that I didn’t work harder at the editing. I believe I now have a very good revision that I submitted to Page and I now hope I don’t win with Dollberry (slim to nill chance of that anyway I look at it).

I’m now going to review Love on the Wild Frontier for yet another submittal to a contest. It’s my Honorable Mention story of which I hope someday, gets elevated to a winner. Now, on to some tweaking of the Love.

21 April 2020

I had the honor, as many, if not all of the authors from AllAuthor, to be interviewed and having my interview posted on the AllAuthor site. Here is the link https://allauthor.com/ to read the interview. I was fun reflecting back on why, so many years ago, I decided that in my life I would be an author, and would write books for children.

Well, here I am many years later (we’ll leave out just how many years) with a published book, a published short story, an Honorable mention and several short stories and a sequel middle-grade novel in process.

I keep yearning for more in my accomplishments but I have attained my goal and in the event I am unable to do anything more, I am happy that I was able to accomplish all that I have.

No, I’m not a best-selling author; I’m not a Mary Higgins Clark or Danielle Steel. I am me and I am an author and I have sold books. I am glad that I took a chance and reached a life-time goal.

15 April 2020

I haven’t written for a few days, but glad to be back again. I have been spending more time writing at night before going to bed. I have found in the last few days that each night I have more ideas and I am able to accomplish more than I have in quite some time. I actually broke through the ‘stuck’ I’ve had on Shadows. Woot! Woot!

We have a Word of the Day (WotD) contest at work. Devin puts out the WotD and our central team competes to write the best sentence or story using the WotD. Today, I decided I just throw out there a story that would be hard to beat. I used the first bit of The Dollberry Dare – I don’t know if I won those Devin’s comments about it being the ‘crowning glory’ might mean that I cinched it. But she didn’t do the talley at the end of the day as usual. I hope I didn’t over do. Tomorrow, I’ll do another one, but not quite so overboard. I had fun and it led to fine tuning The Dollberry Dare to a point where I think it’s ready to submit to the upcoming Writer’s Digest contest in May. I am so excited about the story. I think it’s adorable – no, I’m not biased or anything – and it would be a fun read for children. I have worked on this story for a long time. I would love to have it published at some point, somewhere. I don’t often get this giddy feeling inside like I have now. I’d like to relish in it for a while.

I received an email from the AllAuthor folks. They interviewed me for their site. They sent me many questions and asked me to answer them. They’ll contact me and will publish my interview on their site. How exciting! More promotion for my books. More authors will get to know me and hopefully it will equate to more ‘out there’ for my books.

I need to keep up the momentum. Let’s git ‘er done!

Stay safe and healthy during this difficult time as we battle the struggles caused by COVID-19.

10 April 2020

The world of writing is filled with so many ideas and recommendations, dos and donuts. I’ve been working on finding great ideas to help me improve in my writing, my plot set up, my characters, among other writing necessities. Wow! There is a plethora of information out there.

In the meantime, I have started writing a few short stories to submit to two contests coming up. I thought the writing of the short stories might get me back into a better writing habit as well as spin the creative juices up again, pushing some motivation my way for writing Shadows again. Yes, I’m still stuck–in the Shadows.

4 April 2020

I hope you are doing all you can to stay well and healthy out there. I am sad to hear about all the families who are ill and whose loved ones are passing due to this COVID epidemic. It is sad that we have lost so many to this horridness. Please protect yourselves and your families. Thank you to all who are serving us in so many capacities to keep us well, bring us food, stock the shelves, serve the country and so many other selfless actions. God bless you!

29 March 2020

Today is a world of fasting and prayer. It is a time when the world can come together when they aren’t allowed to come together, physically. As we bow our heads and miss a couple of meals – a small sacrifice – we ask the Lord to heal our world. Faith is a strong healer of men. Let’s all have faith, at least for a day, and heal the world!

Colorado has been hit hard by this COVID-19. The state is now part of the Presidential ‘disaster’ mode (there is an actual name for it, but can I remember it? Ppppffftt!)

I stay home as much as possible, only going to the store when necessary, though I admit to feeling somewhat panicked, for a while (it’s slowly waining) about not having enough of anything in my house . More importantly, I miss seeing my grandchildren, my children, and even my co-workers. This is new for most everyone in the world, though I know there are stories of certain groups of people that have experienced similar situations over the course of history. Annie Frank, Noah, others. It is a time for reflection and for some humility and gratitude. Those two characteristics should be developed should disappear when the virus calms down or leaves us for a while.

Floods of stories have entered my mind as I watch what the world is experiencing. I’d love to be able to capture what the world is seeing, feeling, and not doing as we watch this evolution of human health, medical minds, and how things are done. Maybe it’s time to switch creativity gears for a while. What would this mean?

28 March 2020

Somber is the best word that comes to mind about what the aura is today. The world has been impact in its entirety with this COVID-19. People are sad, people are angry, people are ill, but many are well, people are having to find different things to do with their lives, family, and animals. And no, I have not done well at reengaging with my characters. I think they are putting themselves in isolation along with the rest of us.

20 March 2020

Yesterday, 19 March, was the first day of spring and we found ourselves in a semi-blizzard here in Littleton.  It wasn’t as bad as they thought it might be in our area and it has actually been beautiful. The snow glistens and shines and is refreshing.

Yesterday was also our 41st wedding anniversary.  We celebrated early by going to Cabo. We celebrated my 60th birthday, our anniversary, and being cancer free! Best trifecta ever!

I’m trying to put this COVID-19 isolation to good use by reengaging with my story characters. Let’s see how well it works. They still seem to have a mind of their own. Pffffttt!

18 March 2020

There is much disruption in the world today. The COVID-19 virus has the world on lock-down, in panic, and filled with worry. Government and church leaders are doing many things to stop the spread of the virus. Faith, prayer, and obedience are at the top of the list of actions that will save us in all chaos. 

I have spent some time with Mac and Zack this week, getting their pirate adventure moving along. The story line is being stubborn and things are not coming together as I wish. Never give up and never quit! 

12 March 2020

Two days ago, The Tucson Festival of Books announced they were cancelling the 2020 Festival of Books due to the COVID-19 virus that has hit our globe. Many authors had cancelled their appearances at the Festival and there were fears that volunteers would soon start to back out. The Festival management was unable to fill the gaps and decided it was best to cancel until 2021. 

This would have been my first appearance and signing at the popular Festival. Disappointment doesn’t even near express how I feel about this opportunity being removed from my grasp. I was very prepared and ready, though, of course, there is always trepidation in my soul wondering how it would all turn out. 

Would I sell any books? Would I be able to sign any for my readers? So many questions, but I wanted to get out there and do some real interacting with those who are and might be buying my books. 

2021 is far off but will be here sooner than we can imagine. We move on. We try harder. We persevere. We continue on our path to be better than we were yesterday and to be our better selves. 

23 February 2020

Well, I’ve been interacting more lately with other authors from Page Publishing as well as many others. It is fun to see what other authors are working on and the impact it makes to my concepts of writing, daily penning, and other related activities.

Hence, I have made updates to my website and have updated the link. I am doing a rebrand and I am not just about The Ghost of Morgan Gulch, but I am also about many other things that I write about as well.

I continue to struggle with Shadows, so I am seriously considering re-focusing my efforts back to Mac and Zack. Yes, a continual yo-yo between the two story lines, but even going back to Mac and Zack, I do believe it’s time to create a completely new story for Mac and Zack to Zip! Zap! Zoom! through, and eventually, I’ll get back to the moon and to the pirates. 

Highlight of my day! I signed five copies of my middle-grade novel for the children at my grandson’s elementary school. I am looking forward to the opportunity to talk to the middle-grade students about my book. Cameron is in kindergarten and am looking forward to having him join me during my presentation. 🙂

7 February 2020

It’s snowing like crazy outside – a very good excuse to stay inside and write, write, write! I started with my journal writings which I have not been keeping up to day on a regular basis, similar, unfortunately to my writing on my blog. Ugh!

I just joined the AllAuthor.com site (connected to Amazon Author Central) and am seeing some good marketing activity happening. I am connecting with other authors and my book is getting out there more and will continue to be put out on Twitter and has been featured on AllAuthor.com. I know it’s just a start, but it is something! Something I need to hang onto and kick into high gear!

I am working on Shadows on the Gulch today, still struggling – big time struggling – with putting this story into a good spot. Something seems very wrong with it and I am unable to put my finger on what is out of sync.

Well, we’ll keep working it until we are done working it!

1 February 2020

One thing I have learned is that every day, we have the opportunity to start a-fresh in our goals, our actions, and our direction.

February is a brand new month – a time for me to dig my fingers into the keyboard and write, write, write. I have two projects I am looking forward to making great progress on over the next weeks and months.

Mac and Zack are excited to go to the moon, and Kyle is determined to help out the ghost of the little Indian girl who is looking to reunite her family in the North Park valley in the Colorado mountains.

So many ideas, so much fun, so not getting it done! Let’s make February the month to git ‘er done!

5 January 2020

There is much to said for consistency and regularity when it comes to writing. I am beginning to realize that I fail in my writing due to too much time between sessions. I forget where I am and have to pick up the rhythm and storyline over and over again. And…it takes forever to get a story written and out the door. 😦

My stories deserve better than the time, or lack thereof, that I have been giving them. Stories deserve time and attention just like children. Interesting thought – yes, our stories are like our children. Love, attention, focus, and aware of the details. And, we need to listen to our characters. They can tell us so much about what our stories need. They want to be written as solid and lovable characters.

Time for more re-thinking! And adjusting my schedule to make room and time for my characters. 🙂

1 January 2020

As we ring in the new year, there is so much on my mind, so much to be attended to.

My Family

My Health

My Spirit

My Writing

I am truly grateful for what I received in 2019 and I want to grow that gratitude and do what I can to pay it forward. I do not know how to do this, however, I believe that I can start by writing books that help people. The Ghost of Morgan Gulch is a story about how families can help families, even when there are bad feelings between them. Shadows is the sequel and it is filled with the theme of support and sacrifice for others who have a need, no matter if that need is great or small.

One of my goals for 2020 is to finish Shadows and to have Mac & Zack on a good roll, hopefully finishing at least one of the stories in the series. The trouble I have with Mac & Zack is that I want their stories to be perfect – I have stalled waiting for perfect and it will never happen. I can make good and great, so I need to let perfect go!

26 December 2019

As this year approaches its closure, my mind has been on my goals for 2020, my mind is a-whir as to what I should focus on. I know that my sequel to The Ghost of Morgan Gulch is for sure on the docket for closure and wrap up, then off to a publisher. My other passion, Mac and Zack, needs to get ramped up and the first of the series needs to be completed and published. 

Yep – it’s been a while. I have been going back and forth, and forth and back, on which Mac and Zack story I should finish first. I keep landing on ‘To the Moon and Back’. My life is centered around the space industry so this seems to be a logical theme to write about during this time of my life. I love the intrigue of the moon and all that has happened there — and what is on the horizon to make history. As I think about Mac – who is a mouse – the idea of the moon being made of cheese comes to the top of my list of fun myths to add to the tale. 

Then there is the cast of moon characters – or aliens?? – that they will soon encounter…

I can’t wait to make more progress on this story. Mac and Zack are two of my favorite characters. I love it when they come to life in my mind…and on paper.

28 December 2019

A beautiful, snowy Colorado day! A day for indoor creative thinking. What do I write about today? My logic tells me I need to get back to ‘Shadows’ – a long overdue activity, but my heart and fingers are leading me to work on Mac and Zack. maybe we add a Swiss Alps story to the list of adventures they may take? That would be delightful and a comedic tale. 

22 December 2019


I love what Christmas means to children and how excited they are to see presents under the tree, to visit Santa, and even see his reindeer. We visited Murdoch’s yesterday where our two youngest sons were able to visit Comet and Cupid. It was mayhem at best, but the boys really enjoyed the moments of taking pictures with and seeing real reindeer. They were hoping for Rudolph but we know how busy he is this time of year getting ready to lead Santa’s sleigh to deliver the toys to all the boys and girls of the world. 

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer has been on of my all time favorite cartoons shown at Christmas time. I don’t often get to watch it as an adult, but I smile whenever I think of some of the messages relayed from the storyline. I still enjoy watching it even now.

15 December 2019


The Christmas season is upon us and there is more reflecting to be done. We are never finished with making the improvements we need to make in our lives especially when it comes to loving more and being kind to people.

As I reflect on the birth of our Savior during this season of miracles, I think about the unconditional love he has for all man. I see him as the greatest example of goodness we will ever know. I don’t think I am an unkind person (though I have had my very ugly unkind days often in my life) but the reality of it is that I am not necessarily someone who thinks ahead to the acts of kindness I could commit each and every day. My family always comes first in my thinking and I am not great at doing that all the time.

My writing is an attempt to be a better person as I write with characters in mind who are loving, thoughtful, and look for ways to help others. I don’t always succeed, but I feel that is a purpose of which I need to accomplish as I write stories for children. I hope to be the better for it.

#Lighttheworld one by one is the theme for our church during this Christmas season. There have been many individuals that have come into my life that have shown me light and have been a great example of the kindness I wish to exude. Thank you to those who have shown me kindness and love. I am a better person because of your example.

28 November 2019

Thanksgiving was a quiet and somewhat humble day. As I reflected on the day and it’s meaning. I knew I had much to be grateful for. In particular my life and my family. Recent events have caused me to do a lot of reflecting on how I live my life. There is always room for improvement, and I am hopeful that I can attack the needed improvements in my life in the manner in which I attacked my recent cancer struggle. Hit is hard and git ‘er done!

21 August 2019

Today would have been my mother’s 82nd birthday if she had not succumbed to the wrath of cancer. She has been gone from us for almost fourteen years in December. Her battle with cancer was a noble battle, facing it head on and with her head held high, stepping up to each challenge ready to face them with the help of the Lord. She left this earth the same way she fought her battle – ready to face death strong and willingly. If I could learn anything from my mom is her strength in standing for what she believed in and she believed and had great faith in what her calling in life and how to face it. 

I have shifted up my writing a bit and am focusing on one of my favorite topics –


I have loved pirate stories my entire life. I have many story creations that have a pirate theme and my special magical series will have at least one, if not two or three, stories with pirates. Awesomeness!

My other favorite is 


More to come on that…lots going on in my head with dragons. More awesomeness!

13 August 2019

The writing seems to get harder and harder the longer I am away from it. There is a reason why successful authors and experts highly recommend writing every.single.day. 

I sometimes feel I have too many projects but I like to have the variety to keep my mind active. I’m currently working on one of my favorite projects – Mac and Zack. I have been working on this project for more years than I can count. I hope that very soon the story will be alive and thriving in the children’s book market. 

About ten years ago I found a little mouse statue while on a trip with the Sister Missionaries to visit Buffalo Bill’s grave up by Genesee Park, that resembled so closely my vision of who MacMillan is in my stories. I purchased the statue and still have it today. He is my muse. 

7 July 2019

4th of July

My husband and I were camping over this beautiful 4th of July holiday with my son, daughter-in-law, and two of my wonderful grandsons. I got to thinking that being able to share time with family, enjoy the beautiful United States of America, and most importantly have choices in how I am able to do these things, is very important to me.

I have trouble imaging what my world would be like if I didn’t have these freedoms and many more that we all enjoy. So many individuals have sacrificed their time, their careers, their education, and more critically, their lives so that we – all of us – can celebrate, live, work, and play the way we choose.

I choose to love this land of liberty and I choose to be grateful for those who have sacrificed so that I can choose. Take the time to give thanks to all those you know – and even those you don’t know – who have sacrificed so much for you and for your family. 

I thank those in my family – and there are too many to count – who have served in years past or are currently serving, and I thank my friends. For each of your individual services have helped this country to be, and remain, a land of the free. 

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful and safe Independence Day.

God Bless America!

10 June 2019

What would you do if you were not afraid?

27 May 2019

Today we honor many who have served our country over the centuries. Their sacrifices, the loss of their lives, their service have not been in vein. We are a free country and have the opportunity to live our lives as we desire. God bless those who have made such an impact for the good! God bless the USA!

eagle and flag

21 April 2019

He is risen! He is risen!
Tell it out with joyful voice.
He has burst his three days’ prison;
Let the whole wide earth rejoice.
Death is conquered; man is free.
Christ has won the victory.

I am grateful for my Lord and Savior each and every day.

Let us celebrate this Easter day with the knowledge that His sacrifice and atonement for our sins is the ultimate act of Love.


12 March 2019

Well, it has begun. The 2019 London Book Fair New Title Showcase Exhibit. One of my goals as a new author was to be able to engage in the international market and it has now happened. I’m so excited to be able to participate in this event and share my story with the world.

For those of you who are interested in taking a look at my book and thousands of others, there are a few ways to get to the list of books being exhibited starting today through March 14.

Or type in “2019 London Book Fair New Title Showcase” into your browser.

Once you get into any of these links, do a search for “The Ghost of Morgan Gulch” which can be purchased as an ebook or paperback through this London event.

Visit my website theghostofmorgangulch.com and sign up to be on my mailing list.

Enjoy! And thank you! 🌹

27 January 2019

It’s amazing how opportunities come our way when least expected. Marketing my book has been weighing heavily on my mind in this new year. I’m constantly jotting down ways I can promote my book, grasping at new (and old) ideas as much as time permits, followed by planning how to execute those ideas. I have been focused on promoting my book domestically with the international market being only a ‘far out in the future’ idea to be put into place once I felt comfortable with the domestic happenings. Well, like I said, it’s amazing how the opportunities come our way…

I am SO excited to be participating in the 2019 London Book Fair New Title Showcase.

The London Book Fair is the perfect platform for authors to showcase books, engage with readers, network, and reach out to new customers. The London Book Fair will attract over 25,000 professionals including publishers, agents, distributors, film production studios, and educators from over 142 countries. The exhibition hall is jam-packed with people for the three-day event. The New Title Showcase, an official exhibit of the London Book Fair and partner with the Combined Book Exhibit, will be a must-stop for many attendees. This is an opportunity for authors to showcase their books to a collective worldwide audience of over two million attendees and readers via in person attendance or virtually through their catalogue.

So, for all of you who have family and friends in London or anywhere else in the world, watch for details on this event. The book fair starts on March 12th and runs through March 14th.

For those newcomers to my Facebook page, you can also buy my book in hardcopy or paperback at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, and in eBook at iTunes and Google Play.

You can also reach out to me at theghostofmorgangulch@gmail.com or visit my web page at www.theghostofmorgangulch.com.

Watch the trailer on YouTube to see the vivid illustrations and hear the synopsis of my story.

To find my book at any of the above sites, just do a search on The Ghost of Morgan Gulch.


22 October 2018

Starting tomorrow, Tuesday, October 23 at 10:00 AM PT, the public will be given the chance to browse, buy, and enjoy the work of writers and illustrators who are members of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) in the annual SCBWI BookStop promotion.

From October 23 through December 7, all of you book lovers and buyers can click on https://www.scbwi.org/scbwibookstop/ and find a book for yourselves, your schools, your libraries, or for someone special in your life. With the holidays quickly approaching, take the time to take a peek inside and find the perfect books for you or your loved ones for Christmas.

As a member of SCBWI, my book The Ghost of Morgan Gulch is part of this public offering. Click on the link above and take a peek at my SCBWI BookStop page to read about my book, and listen to the YouTube Video about my book.

I hope you enjoy the walk through the BookStop.

Thanks, everyone!

3 September 2018

A fine Labor Day it is today. Thank you to all those who contribute to our strength, prosperity, and well-being of our great country. 

The wait is finally over. My radio interview is now available on my Page Publishing Author Portal on YouTube. 

Here is the revised link for those of you who wish to listen to it. Please ignore the Nervous Nellie voice – it’s not every day I do a radio interview.

My interview starts at the 15m 30s interval. 

10 August 2018

So, the long anticipated airing of my radio interview with Alice on 710 WOR in New York City is now here. The interview will air on Saturday night, August 11 at 12:00 PM EST / 10:00 PM MST. Yep – I am definitely a little nervous for folks to hear it, but though I know it is not perfect, and I have thought of a thousand different ways I could have responded to Alice’s questions, it was a wonderful opportunity. I want to share this with my friends, family, and readers. Here is the link to listen to the interview live on Saturday night.


The link will also be posted to my Author Portal on the Page Publishing website. It should be available to access and listen to after the initial airing is done.

Thank you for all of your support.

22 July 2018

I had a great time being interview by Alice at 710 WOR – The Voice Of New York & The Home Of The Mets radio station. I’m a little bit nervous about how I portrayed the story of my book (and how often I stuttered – ha!), but the experience was like none other. Alice was so lively and fun to talk with; she made it easy to do the interview. I’m waiting for details on the air date – hopefully, we’ll all get to here it somewhere here in Colorado.

Thanks so much, Alice!