Here’s What I’m Working on Now

Darby y el Dollberry Se Atreven (Darby and the Dollberry Dare) (anticipated release December 2022)

I am proud to say that we are releasing Darby and the Dollberry dare in a Spanish edition – Darby y el Dollberry Se Atreven. We are in the editing stages right now, but we are excited and looking forward to a possible release by the end of the year. 

Shadows on the Gulch (in development)

The Ghost of Morgan Gulch was my first published middle-grade novel, which kicked off ideas for a second great adventure, Shadows on the Gulch, in which Kyle continues his research about some of the tales surrounding the Morgan Gulch Valley.

The Adventures of MacMillan, the Magical Mouse

For years, I have been writing (and re-writing) several series stories about a magical mouse, Mac, and his side-kick, Zack.

It has been an adventure in itself, crafting new ways that Mac and Zack can Zip! Zap! Zoom! their way around the world, finding themselves bow-tie deep in yet another crazy dilemma.

Mac and Zack To the Moon and Back (in development)

Mac and Zack find alien adventures on the moon surface.

Mac and Zack and the Pirates of Paradise Cove (in development)

Mac and Zack find themselves caught in the cross files of Blackbeard’s high sea adventures as Blackbeard looks for his long, lost treasure, and as Mac and Zack try to find their way back home.