Here’s What I’m Working on Now

Darby and the Dollberry Dare (anticipated release October 2021)


Darby and the Dollberry Dare takes Darby, a young m’ite boy from the village of Dollberry Hollow, on an adventure into the B’lack Forest and deep into the Cave of the Haunted. On the eve of each Red Moon, the village Elders choose a dare for the boys of the village who have turned ten seasons old since the rise of the last Red Moon. When Darby draws the short hedgehog spine, he is dared to pluck a hair from the head of the ogre who lives in the cave and take it back to the village to earn his apprentice feathers. Darby is scared, but he wants to prove to the other m’ite boys that he isn’t afraid to face what awaits him inside the cave. However, Darby is driven to enter the cave for nobler reasons that plucking a hair from the ogre’s head. What Darby finds is not only courage, but something more incredible. 

This early reader book is a fun adventure that tells the tale of finding the courage to help others, as well as finding the courage to face our fears.

Darby Meets Tall Town (In the illustration process. Release date anticipated to be Summer 2022)

Darby Meets Tall Town takes Darby and his new friend, Shyrka, on another fun adventure. Down the Trail of Willows, through the B’lack Forest and across the meadow to Tall Town. Shyrka’s home.

While out gathering pine berries for Darby’s mother, Shyrka and Darby talk about helping others as chief’s apprentices, and how important it is to gain the trust of the village m’ites. Shyrka thinks about his family, wishing they trusted him, an wondering if they miss him. What happens along the trail an in Tall Town help Darby and Shyrka understand the meaning of helping others and the importance of family.

Darby’s Polka Dots and Pretties (in final stage of editing)

While gathering pretties to give to his mother at the Festival of the Pretties, a festival that celebrates the mothers of Dollberry Hollow, Darby finds beautiful green pretties he has never seen before. Along with the pretties, he finds himself green and polka dotty. Will his mother find a healing juice to help Darby return to his normal light gray self?

Shadows on the Gulch (in development)

The Ghost of Morgan Gulch was my first published middle-grade novel, which kicked off ideas for a second great adventure, Shadows on the Gulch, in which Kyle continues his research about some of the tales surrounding the Morgan Gulch Valley.

The Adventures of MacMillan, the Magical Mouse

For years, I have been writing (and re-writing) several series stories about a magical mouse, Mac, and his side-kick, Zack.

It has been an adventure in itself, crafting new ways that Mac and Zack can Zip! Zap! Zoom! their way around the world, finding themselves bow-tie deep in yet another crazy dilemma.

Mac and Zack To the Moon and Back (in development)

Mac and Zack find alien adventures on the moon surface.

Mac and Zack and the Pirates of Paradise Cove (in development)

Mac and Zack find themselves caught in the cross files of Blackbeard’s high sea adventures as Blackbeard looks for his long, lost treasure, and as Mac and Zack try to find their way back home.